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Hi - I'm really excited that you clicked on my ad, and I promise what I’m about to tell you is well worth your time.   But first let me tell you a little bit about me and my background.  

My name is Steve Bordewick, and I’ve traveled extensively around the world in support of a medical technology company I started. Now I live in Orange County California with my wife and two amazing young kids.

It took over $30 million which I raised from private investors to fund my company, and with my engineering design background I’ve developed medical devices earning the company impressive industry awards for innovation to drive new trends in a market worth well over two billion dollars.

I've got 18 US patents, and I've got international patents, and recently I was selected to serve on a legal team as the industry expert in patent dispute litigation at the International Trade Commission in Washington D.C.  I've also done similar work internationally.

So I'm often asked, “After all that, why do you want to build a business online?”  To be honest with you - I really had never seen myself as someone who would ever build such a business.

Sure, I like to have my own business instead of working for someone else. But why would I ever do anything so different from what had previously been successful for me?

Actually, it was through my 8 year old son. He liked watching YouTube videos, and what he liked to watch was this kid who would play with toys and video games, and he would just put it on YouTube.  

I really couldn't understand why someone would make these kinds of videos. But it was kid stuff for my son so I thought – “whatever.”  Over time I got the urge to do some research on this.  

As it turned out - this kid making the YouTube videos earns over $1.8 million dollars a year doing it – WOW!
This made me realize there were opportunities for an individual with no special training, no special skills to make maybe 10, 20, 30 times more than you can make in a salaried position, just by staying at home and operating an online business.  

So now the question was, “Why wouldn't I want to build a business online?”   Not only could I be in charge of my own enterprise but I’d have the flexibility, frankly, to spend more time with my kids and just do a lot of things that I really couldn’t find time to do before.

So I did some serious research to discover what are the best methods for generating significant wealth with an online business.  And now I want to share that information with you.

In fact, you can learn more about it in person during a five minute 1 on 1 phone call with me. I'm so excited about this system, I figure that talking with you personally is the best way for you understand - this is for real! 

You have absolutely nothing to lose and there's no pressure to do anything at all except listen as I tell you how this can work for you.  
At that point, you can choose to find out more, and I’ll help you take the next simple step – once again, with nothing to lose.  

You know I'm not just some guy trying to sell you something here. I want you to discover what I have - that significant income can be made online – “if” you have the right system.  

Thanks for watching this short video, and I really look forward to talking with you in person!


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