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Hello wild blue yonder!


This blog is up and running now, and I’m just thrilled…!

Several years ago I was at a Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas, and having arrived a bit early, I was singled out by one of the show producers who motioned me over to a doorway just off to the side of the seating area.  He asked me, “how would like to be part of the show?”


I agreed that I would like to participate in the show – so he took me into an alcove just off of the main hallway, and asked me to swap my shoes for some black boots that had paint spilled all over them.  He said I would get my shoes back once my moment of glory was finished.

He explained what all would be happening, (it was fairly elaborate), and he suggested that I might just keep everything a secret from the group of people I had come with.  In fact, he said that most people who agree to do what I was about to do would typically choose never to reveal the secrets behind the illusion they were part of – but of course he said it was up to me.

So I said little if anything to my companions about what the guy had called me over to talk about (although everyone had their suspicions), and I kept my feet on the floor so no one would see the paint splotched boots which had replaced my sneakers (the auditorium was fairly dark so that helped).

At a certain point in the show I was “picked at random”  to go up on stage.  Then I did my part in going along with the act.  When it was over I told everyone it was fun but I didn’t tell them anything else about what went on.  Well, I told them very little anyway.

Today I started this blog (maybe not the ideal day since the largest hurricane in history is now pummeling Mexico – I’ve never heard hurricanes mentioned as being “good omens”).  It is amazing that I was able to do this today since less than a week ago I had absolutely no idea how blogs were set up, what all was involved, or any of the miscellaneous nuts and bolts of the process.

Over time, I intend to be able to earn something for my efforts in writing this blog, and that is also something I really knew nothing about this time last week.

But I was able to do this because some of the folks who have gone through “the belly of the beast” long ago – and have endured endless fits and starts in the process of having an internet presence of some kind over the last decade and a half – and who now are the titans of blogging today..WERE willing to share their “secrets” and tricks of the trade about how you do such a thing as blogging.  And even more so, why it can be worth it to be a blogger.

Sure, these folks are making fairly substantial income as bloggers, and they have charged me to gain access to their various technical articles and informational videos explaining how all of this is done.  But I’m sitting here thinking – “what the hell, I’ve spent only a few hundred dollars for information compiled by the best of the best in the blogging world, and here I am writing…!”

Oh – there is a mountain of other information I still need to come up to speed on – and a lot that I have already learned beyond just ascending to the point where I can write words on this blog – but it could have been different.

The casual observer could say – “anyone can get online and start blogging in little or no time.”  Clearly that is true since there are something like 150,000,000 blog sites gracing the internet.

But I’ve got “Titans” who helped me get here today, and I sought them out for far more than just helping me get to where I could write words on a blog page……..and as far as I can tell they aren’t keeping many secrets about how they pull off their magic act.  Let the show begin…..!

-Steve B

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  • Mr WordPress October 6, 2015, 5:33 pm

    Hi, this is a launch comment.
    It would be great to see what anyone might have to say about your post. Sure it’s not much yet, but I’m anxious to see what comes next!